From Idea to Concept: The Story of BreastIT

Many revolutionary ideas are incidental and almost random. But that’s not the case at BreastIT. Because in 2003, founder Moris Atwine had to experience for himself how a close family member succumbed to breast cancer. The loss made him ponder. How can he as a computer science student use his knowledge to effectively fight breast cancer? Together with buddy David – also a computer science student – Moris got to work. Based on their knowledge in research and development, machine learning, image analysis and artificial intelligence, they developed their idea within a few months into a final concept. During the development process, hardware engineer Alwin and ultrasound expert Cosmas joined the team.

In September 2014, the concept of a glove examining the breast using ultrasound was ready. At least on paper. Subsequently, the team worked on a prototype. However, in terms of both hardware and software, the four developers had to overcome many challenges. It was also related to the location. In Uganda, the parts you need are harder to get and delivery times are sometimes extremely long. Even the necessary knowledge to develop an algorithm could teach the guys of BreastIT in their home country nobody. Nevertheless, they kept an eye on their goal and kept following it.

Simple, flexible & cost-effective: A glove detects breast cancer at an early stage

This makes breast cancer screening not only very easy, but also much more flexible and, above all, less expensive than before. This allows more women to be examined regularly, which increases the chance of being able to recognize and treat breast cancer at an early stage. The screening with the glove does not necessarily have to be done by a specialist. Finally, it is sufficient to put the glove on the chest. BreastIT has paid particular attention to this because its goal is to have at least 40 percent of Ugandan women undergo breast cancer screening and information about the disease over the next five years.

F-LANE 2018: The accelerator of the Vodafone Institute invites to the final pitch

At F-LANE 2018, start-ups from all over the world, whose technology ideas and projects help to empower girls and women, were able to compete for the third time. A jury selected five finalists from 180 applicants in February. You can find more information about the finalists and the accelerator here .

On May 2, 2018, the finalist teams of Mamabird, FinMarie, Doctory, Free-D, and BreastIT pitch in the Republica.

BreastIT has taken on an important matter and created an inspiring project that rightly stands in the F-LANE 2018 finale. We wish you continued success!