Program Manager

Program Manager 

thinkIT is looking to hire a program manager to ensure that all the field operations as regards to the deployment and maintenance of the yotta system are being coordinated and organized properly. He/she will oversee the overall field office services and the routine functions related to field and office duties while developing standardized processes and systems to ensure effective running of the office works in the field.

Reporting to Program manager Lead, the goal of the Program Manager is:

  • To provide leadership and management of yotta programs including the oversight of program designs and implementation plans, program budgets, and partner relationships.
  • To work in collaboration with the M&E Lead to catalyze learning and evidence-based decision-making across projects and within our networks of project stakeholders.
  • To manage program implementation staff and provide capacity building to ensure effective delivery of programs and strong partnership management.
  • To provide leadership in building capacity of implementing partners, coordinating monthly progress checks, quarterly learning sessions and bi-annual capacity building workshops.

Key Outputs/Responsibilities:

  1. Leadership

○ Manage, supervise, and build the capacity of program implementation staff in quality project development, management, and implementation.

○ Provide guidance to program staff in planning and monitoring detailed implementation plans, activities, and budgets and ensure effective deployment of resources and support.

  1. Operations Planning and Implementation

○ Coordinate, guide, and facilitate operational planning and implementation of integrated development programs and projects in the programs division.

○ Support Managers with the development of partner level (external and

internal) work plans, project/program designs, and annual plans. Ensure effective

documentation of impact, data, and spending. Sign off on Partner Report Cards before dissemination. Accountable for quarterly review meetings as well as bi-annual support events (content, agenda, impact).

○ Collaborate with the Programs Lead to develop Departmental work plans, quarterly.

○ Facilitate effective partner management from onboarding to closing prioritizing clear, conclusive communication and building partner capacity during bi-annual support events.

○ Participate in the development of proposals for resource mobilization, as needed in 3. Program Monitoring and Reporting

○ Ensure effective monitoring, evaluation, documentation, and reporting by partners and implementing initiatives in line with agreed organizational targets and standards in collaboration with the M&E Lead and Coordinator.

○ Support the uptake of the thinkITImpact System and utilization of the information from the M&E database for decision making and partner selection recommendations.

○ Provide monthly reports (progress against planned activities, expense against estimated budget, etc) of program activities to the Programs Lead as per agreed schedule. Work with the Programs Lead to improve the quality of reports and standardize and templetize language over time.

○ Ensure appropriate filing and availability of documentation required for internal and

external communications, accountability, audits, evaluation purposes, andreporting.


  1. Strategic Collaborations

○ Build and manage strategic partnerships and collaborations at the program level

ensuring effective representation and participation of the Managers and other thinkIT staff on relevant committees.

○ Ensure thinkIT active representation in the different relevant events organized by partners and stakeholders.


  1. Financial Budgeting and Assets Management

○ Facilitate periodic planning and budgeting for all programs and projects in line with planning and budgeting guidelines and timelines.

○ Monitor program and project budget expenditure are within the planned time frame and approved budgets.

○ Monitor capital assets for quality and ensure any proposed capital asset will result in impact.

○ Monitor and address or report any risks to Programs Lead, as needed.


Essential Skills

The program manager should have excellent organizational skills and have an attention to detail with high levels of accuracy. He/she should have excellent communication skills demonstrated with excellent time management skills. He/she should be able to remain cool and calm even under stressful conditions, and have good judgmental powers to make the right decisions. He/she should have good problem solving and analytical skills.

Educational Background

The minimum education required to qualify for the post of a program manager is a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college in business or IT. Those who have completed a high school diploma and have previous work experience in a similar role can also get an opportunity. Those who are well versed with clerical procedures, human resource management and business practices will definitely be preferred.

Work Schedule

The daily work schedule of a program manager requires the person to work for forty to forty five hours per week. He/she may need to extend his work schedule in case some work needs to be completed within the given time period.




Job Category: Program Manager
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Kampala Uganda

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